The Company

How it started

It's been 64 years of dedication to the fine craft of weaving lace & trims. The founder Natvarlal Umedram Kachiwala thought of his business as that of weaving tender dreams. He painstakingly wove the most delicate & exquisite borders (trims) on handlooms & proudly made his presence felt through innovative concepts, designs, colours & textures.

Lami of yesterday

In it's early stage Lami started with first handlooms & came up with a unique range of trimmings which were never seen before.

Lami of today

Keeping pace with modernisation has brought Lami to terms with first powerlooms & today sophisticated computerisation, where finer techinques of weaving are skillfully channeled to perfection.
Lami's inhouse creation-centre for designs is supported by efficient & personalized marketing attention, timely delivery & impeccable quality control.

Production tools & Procedures

Variety of Machines for producing different trims



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The entire manufacturing process involves variety of looms from traditional jacquard shuttle looms to high speed shuttless looms, yarn preparation machines & ultra modern packaging machine.

Applying different techniques through years of experience we now have around 10000 and above different designs. We hold huge stocks to enable us to process orders quickly. We also can design & produce a customised range of trimmings just for you based on our several generations of know-how & experience.

Trimmings are made from variety of dyed yarns in viscose, cotton, jari, metallic yarns & blended yarns.

Applications of 'LAMI' Trimmings

In the Creative World of Products

Ribbons & Trimmings can be put to a variety of imaginative application as hi-fashion trimmings. Today it's a by-word in Fashion.

What our customers say

Variety of Designs & Sizes

Ribbons & Trimmings from LAMI varies in width from 1/8 of an inch to 10 inches. It includes various designs & colourways to choose from. It's been widely used in Hi-fashion garments, Sarees, Dresses, Scarves, Jackets, Belts, Handbags , Bed Spreads, Pillow Covers, House hold Linen, handicrafts, Gift Wrapping, Hobbies and Crafts and also variety of Decorative End uses.